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Friday, December 16, 2011

Week 1 Bowl Picks with Johnny Utah

Bowl Week 1 Picks
(Be advised, these picks are of no guarantee and the writers will not be held liable, especially if the use of said picks result in any/all of the following: divorce, alimony, child support, collection notices, eviction, fraud, arson, illegal weapons purchase, drug bust, etc.)

            Ok, so it’s that time of year again. December is upon us and that can only mean one thing; Bowl Mania. Alright, probably not mania, however if you are from the South and college football is your drink of choice, then the next few weeks are like a good Scotch & Water without the Scotch and the bartender at Applebee’s hates her life and gave you well whiskey with a splash of water. But at least you’re in a bar. This is to say the games mainly suck, they mean nothing, but we love college football so we’ll tune in. And we’ll attempt to pick these sad games. Ahhhh, here goes nothin.

Saturday 12/17:
New Mexico Bowl, 2pm: Temple vs. Wyoming (-7 ½) Let’s see, kids from Philly in the desert or kids from Wyoming in the desert? Yeahhhhh, we like the Cowboys, mainly because the kids from Philly won’t know what to do with the abundance of sunshine.
Johnny Utah: Wyoming
Brittan: Wyoming

Idaho Potato Bowl, 5:30pm: Utah St vs. Ohio (-1 ½) Here’s the extent of our knowledge on either team…Utah St nearly upset Auburn in the season opener and Johnny Utah use to bang a girl that went to Ohio. Only one of those has anything to do with football.
Johnny Utah: Utah St
Brittan: Ohio

New Orleans Bowl, 9:00pm: San Diego St. vs. ULL (-4 ½) Aside from the fact that SDSU would be the team of choice if we were given the opportunity to be a Head Coach for any non-BCS team (but wait, they will be BCS next year, with that move to the Big East!!), Utah also likes them in this match-up. Brittan attended UL Lafayette proudly so no brainer there. The only thing ULL will have in its favor is playing in the Superdome; well, that and being very close to Bourbon Street, no matter what the outcome is. But they have a terrible run D and that’s what the Aztecs do best.
Johnny Utah: SDSU
Brittan: Cajuns

Tuesday 12/20:
Beef O’Brady’s Bowl, 8:00pm: FIU vs. Marshall (-4 ½) Let’s see, worst named bowl of the season. 2 awful teams. Tropicana Field. Who caresssssssss??? Coin toss, heads FIU, tails Marshall. Tails it is, we’ll take Randy Moss’ alma mater and the pts.
Johnny Utah: Marshall
Brittan: Marshall

Wednesday 12/21:
San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl, 8:00pm: TCU vs. Louisiana Tech (10 ½) Ahh, the Christmas flower Bowl. Ugh. And they’re only giving the Horny Toads 10 ½? Pshhhh, they’ll cover that by halftime and let everyone know they can’t wait to play in a Big Boy Conference next year.
Johnny Utah: TCU
Brittan: TCU (but pulling for LATech)

Thursday 12/22:
MAACO Bowl, 8:00pm: Boise St. vs. Arizona St. (-14 ½) we really, really want to pick ASU. They have super hot women, they have kick-ass jerseys, and they have a LB named Vontez Burfinct that we’re pretty sure eats small children and decapitates horses for fun. And his name is Vontez. And he’s gonna kill both Eli Manning and Tim Tebow one day when he makes it to the NFL. However, ASU also just fired old Denny Erickson. And Kellen Horsemouth got snubbed in the Heisman, or at least that’s what anyone from Boise will tell you. The Broncos are gonna be so happy not to be playing in the Arctic Circle that is the city of Boise this time of year, that it’ll carry over into the game. Take Boise to cover.
Johnny Utah: Boise St
Brittan: Blue field homos

Hornets acquire pieces for a bright future

Finally the drama that is Chris Paul has come to an end. The New Orleans Hornets having shipped the four time All-Star PG to the Los Angeles Clippers. Fan forums are filling up with posts of nervous and excited fans giving their opinions of the future of the currently league owned Hornets. Nervous minds are to be expected when you trade away the center piece and face of the franchise for the past six years, but there are plenty of good things to look forward to. Here is a breakdown of what the Hornets got in the blockbuster trade with the Clippers starting from the least valuable to the most:

4. Al-Farouq Aminu SF/PF
Aminu is long and very athletic player who runs the floor well and has shown he can play average or better defense at times. Coming off the bench for the Clippers last season Aminu averaged 5.6 points and 3.3 rebounds. He will compete with Quincy Pondexter for reserve minutes but Pondexter has a year under Coach Williams already and that could help him in the competition.  Aminu's contract is under the Hornet's control through the 2015 season and he is due to make $3.0 million in 2011-2012. Player grade- C+

3- Chris Kaman C
Kaman is an established big man who will always play hard and plays with passion. This to many people is an upgrade to the Center position on the Hornet's roster. Kaman is a good rebounder and will play defense in the paint better than anyone already on the Hornet's roster. In eight NBA season Kaman has averaged 11.8 points and 8.3 rebounds. The downside to Kaman is he is injury prone. He missed 50 games last season and has not played a full season since his rookie year. Kaman is due to make $12.2 million this upcoming season and could be used as trade bait with an expiring contract for younger players. Player grade- B-

2. Eric Gordon SG
Possibly one of the most promising sharpshooters on the rise in the NBA this was a great asset included in the trade for the Hornets. Gordon will be under contract for two years in New Orleans and I have no doubt Demps will persuade him to stay and be a face for the franchise in the coming years. Gordon is the big time dominant two guard that the Hornets have been searching for and will not disappoint in personality and off court life either. Gordon will also allow Marco Bellineli to come off the bench and be the Hornets consistent sixth man like he was meant to be. Gordon comes to Hornets due to make $3.8 million this coming season. Player grade- B+

1. 2012 unprotected first round pick (Timberwolves)
Dell Demps will have all of the shortened NBA season to think about what he wants to do with this pick. The Timberwolves are known for being terrible year in and year out and the first round pick could give the Hornets a chance to bring someone in that will make it seem like Chris Paul never even played for the Hornets. This gives the Hornets two first round picks next year and that could bring a winning tradition to the city of New Orleans quicker than some may think. Player grade- A+

My Prediction for the Hornets upcoming season is in the 30-35 wins region. Hornet’s fans should not be saddened to hear those numbers due to the fact that they could possibly end up with two top 8 first round picks and a very bright future. The week that has made David Stern and the NBA look weak and ridiculous could end up saving his job for a few more years. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Heisman Trophy is a Joke!!!!

Wow, the Heisman Trophy means total crap now.  Big 12 Heisman winners are frauds. This is more of a club now than a collection of the best college players. I'll still have nightmares about Jason White winning in 2003. How he beat out Sheli and Fitzgerald we will never fully comprehend. Baylor got blown out by 2 teams and played zero good defenses all year. So I'm officially done now with the Heisman Trophy. Somehow it tricks me every year into caring but not anymore!!!