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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Heisman Trophy is a Joke!!!!

Wow, the Heisman Trophy means total crap now.  Big 12 Heisman winners are frauds. This is more of a club now than a collection of the best college players. I'll still have nightmares about Jason White winning in 2003. How he beat out Sheli and Fitzgerald we will never fully comprehend. Baylor got blown out by 2 teams and played zero good defenses all year. So I'm officially done now with the Heisman Trophy. Somehow it tricks me every year into caring but not anymore!!!



  1. I'll tell you what's ridiculous, nobody from the SEC won... although I have to hand it to the voters, they made the right call. The SEC is bursting with sub-par talent this year, especially in the state of Georgia.

    Take for instance the sad excuse of a QB in Aaron Murray: He's spent more time on his back this year than Zack's mom, and that's even before the ass kicking that he's going to get from Jerel Worthy, Will Gholston, and company.

    Don't even get me started on the D-Line. Q: How do you finish the season with the #17 ranked scoring defense? A: Play in the SEC East against teams like Florida and Tennessee.

    Way to schedule some tough non-conference teams like New Mexico State and Coastal Carolina. Play a Notre Dame and watch the rank drop from 17 to 50.

    The only two games you played all year (LSU and Boise State) were blowouts. I almost forgot you lost to South Carolina too.

    Enjoy your (bloomin') onions.

  2. why dont you go and blow brady quinn or something

  3. I heard Penn State is looking for a new HC...

    Richt can probably land a spot on that staff working for Dan Mullen after the dawgs get wrecked in Tampa.